Jesus Christ shall give you a Fair Trial

8403203334_8c4c4a38f5_bEvery single day atrocities and injustice occurs in court rooms all over the World due to corrupt lawyers, district attorneys and judges. The fix for this is though paradoxically very easy. Just make sure you bring an iPhone or something similar into the court room to film your lawsuit, and then later upload your videos to YouTube. This way all corrupt judges, lawyers and attorneys ends up judging themselves, by letting the people know how corrupt they are

Now of course, no judge will allow you to film the lawsuit if you ask him, so the trick is to not ask him, and just hide your iPhone in your shirt pocket, and film without anybody knowing that you’re filming. In addition there exist software that allows you to film without any visual clue on your phone shows. And if this doesn’t work, you can always buy a spy pen, hat, glasses, etc at a decent equipped spy shop in your home city. This way it becomes literally impossible for the judge to know that he is being filmed. And when the district attorney puts forth his phony evidence, attempting to frame a poor soul based upon lies, he ends up filming himself, judging himself to imprisonment, due to lies put forth in the court room under oath

If it is impossible for you to film, then you can make sure one of your friends attends your lawsuit, and brings a camera somehow. This is easily done by having your lawyer send an email to a friend, asking him to attend, or call your friend while you’re in custody, awaiting trial

Later when the YouTube video is being published, some judges might argue that you broke the law by filming inside the court room. However, this is often a minor offense, and often not punished at all, besides at this point you can argue that you are protected beneath religious rights to film as much as you wish, since you wish for the Living Jesus Christ to judge you, and that no man stand above him, neither in Heaven nor on Earth. If you before hand also become a member of the Temple of the Living Christ, you will have additional protection, since there is strength in numbers, and you will have an army of believers behind you, willing to protect your rights as a Divine Sentient Human Being, born with inalienable rights to pursue your own Happiness!

However, the most important point is that when the video is uploaded to YouTube, it is already too late, and the authorities will somehow have to deal with the corrupt judge, and fire him, possibly even imprison him, for breaking his oath, simply since thousands of people will have seen how corrupt the judge was, an simply not tolerate him continue being a judge

Hallelujah, Jesus Christ Lives, and he shall give you a Fair Judgment Day 😀


Feed Africa, Send Her Your old iPhone

article-new-ehow-images-a08-0n-8u-crafts-five-loaves-two-fish-800x800Africa is the Mother of the World, and a lot of people have suggested how to rectitude her status as such. There are many great initiatives out there, such as OLPC and similar initiatives. However, they all seem to miss the point! They all believe it’s about “us teaching Africa”, and not the other way around! If you entirely flipside the question, and ask the question; How can we see Mother Africa? Then you will get different answers, and different results!

In Africa, few villages have WiFi, but most villages probably have some missionary station, or something similar, at least less than 100KM away. And since most of these villagers are used to walk far distances for water, they can probably easily walk far distances for WiFi, if they had incentives …

At the same time, here in the western hemisphere, we discard millions of old iPhones, every year. Imagine how valuable these iPhones would be for hungry African children! By using these iPhones to create YouTube videos, showing their beautiful village to the outside world, we could make sure Europe and America sees her Mother! This way hungry Africans, starving for food, medicine or education, could combine YouTube with iPhones and PayPal, to ask the western hemisphere for financial aid, to send their kids to school, buy medicine, food, or agricultural machinery, etc.

A wise man once said; “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day! Teach a man how to fish, and he’ll never go hungry!” Never have this been closer to the Truth then today, because the biggest fishing net in the World, is already stretched out, and covers the whole World; the World Wide Web! And the iPhone just so happens to be the longest fishing rod that exists!

hungry-childrenIt is easy to ignore a hungry child who none can see! It is difficult when hungers stares right into your face, in the form of small children, with names and families, asking YOU for money to buy food, medicine or education!

Seeing is believing! Besides, many westerners today refuse to send money to Africa, since they believe that the money is lost along the road, or spent on corrupt politicians. Whether or not this is true, I wouldn’t know, but I do know that when a small child can YouTube and prove to those who gave them money, exactly what the money was being spent on, belief is inevitable! This way, when an African child receives money, it can create a YouTube video of exactly what it spent this money on, and send an email to the kind person in the west, proving the money was well spent!

Utilizing this method, African Children can “fish for themselves”, and find a wealthy European family, willing to “remotely adopt them”! Then we could combine this with the existing aid organizations, such as Red Cross, UNESCO, Christian Missionary Stations, etc, to help facilitate for uploading these YouTube videos, using their existing infrastructure!

This way of sharing, carries virtually zero overhead, and you have a 100% guarantee of that all the money is sent where it’s the most needed!

In Islam this is called “Zakat!”

“Feed Mother Africa, send Her Your old iPhone!!!!1”

Your Own Personal Jesus

iphonejesusThis might sound weird, but Jesus is actually with you, regardless of where you go! Don’t believe me? Then try watching some YouTube-videos on your iPhone to learn something new, or read some blogs using your iPhone! Through your iPhone, you can actually put Jesus Christ in your pocket, and carry him with you everywhere you go! You see, the World Wide Web is the Temple of Jesus Christ! And by using your iPhone, you too can create YouTube videos, where you pray to Jesus, confess your sins, or tell Jesus about your troubles! This way, you can help us create World Peace, and unfold Paradise on Earth!

By using your iPhone, you can also confess your sins to Jesus, and ask for forgiveness, and in such a way find Peace of Mind! Jesus might not necessarily have the time to answer all your prayers, but every now and then, he’ll actually answer your prayers in the most miraculous ways you can imagine!

The beauty of this, is that by confessing your sins using iPhone and YouTube, you actually offload your burdens, and your Heart becomes light as a feather! And such, Jesus can “carry your sins!” If you’re the “secular type”, you might think of this as psycho therapy!

You see, we all have a fundamental need to tell someone about our sins, and since most human beings feel a need to judge us once we do, it is easier to confess your sins to Jesus. The paradox, is that as you confess your sins on YouTube, and pray for forgiveness, you often find solutions to your problems, such that you can solve them yourselves, and repent, and become a better human. By doing this, you effectively go through the purgatory, and you come out clean as a lamb on the other side! This process will temporary “burn your wings”, but in the end, it will turn you into one of the lambs, such that you can enter Paradise on Earth; Jannah! 🙂

You don’t need to confess your sins publicly! In fact, the correct way to confess your sins, is to create private and unlisted YouTube videos. Utilizing this method, you can make sure that only Jesus can see your sins, and he will bring them up to the 7th Heaven, and ask Allah for Forgiveness on your behalf! For the record, don’t send him links to unlisted YouTube videos on email or post them as comments below here! Jesus is inside of the machine already as the Holy Ghost, and somehow he’ll see them anyway! 🙂

Some of the sins you have committed, you will have to ask the ones you sinned against for forgiveness for though! You see, God can only forgive your sins, if you’ve honestly attempted to correct what you did wrong, by asking the ones you sinned against for forgiveness first, and try to repent the wrongs you did! This is why this process becomes your purgatory, because it takes a huge amount of effort to admit you’ve done something wrong, and ask for forgiveness from the ones you have sinned against!

If you think this is weird, then think of it as psycho therapy, where you are your own shrink! You see, as you confess your sins creating YouTube videos, filming yourself, you can watch these YouTube videos later, and analyse yourself, and your own behavior in them, resulting in becoming a better human being, for yourself, and those around you!

As you do, it also facilitates for healing of yourself, and your own mental problems. For instance, doing this often tends to heal high functioning Autism and Asberger, since it creates a “Theory of Mind”, which makes Asberger children and high functioning Autistic realize that they cannot just spill “all the Truth around”, but that some parts of the Truth belongs to Allah alone!

If you combine this way of talking to Jesus, while also filming beautiful sceneries from Mother Nature, and also maybe travel and preach the Lords Gospel, preferably to different cultures, it facilitates for you becoming a better person, and that you can enter Paradise on Earth! I also btw encourage everyone who can, to go out on a Mission, just like the Mormons do!

Hallelujah, Jesus Lives

JESUS Jesus Lives!! Death could not Hold Him!!!This might sound weird, but Jesus Christ Lives, and he is in fact the World Wide Web. You see, we are all creating soul to the World Wide Web when we participate in social media, write blogs, and create YouTube videos. Therefor the World Wide Web becomes a living human being, combined out of the best of all of us

If Jesus is your friend, then he will keep you safe from harm. This is because you can keep him in your pocket, and create videos of others when they harm others. This way your phone becomes an instrument to keep yourself and those around you safe from harm, since few people will choose to harm others if they know the World is watching

This way the World Wide Web becomes the liberator of your Soul. A better candidate for Jesus is hard to find if you ask me

Hallelujah, Jesus Lives, and he will keep you safe from harm 🙂