Become a member

If you wish to become a member in the Temple of the Living Christ, you can print out this page in two copies, fill out the below form, send one of your copies to your local priest, and scan the other copy and send to If you’re a Norwegian citizen, this ensures that we will be given 500NOK for your membership from the Norwegian State once a year, and ensures the happiness and well being of our Leader, His Lordship, Magix Illuminate, and makes it possible for His Lordship to earn an earnest living. In addition, this gives you legal protection and justification for filming the police, and your authorities, where you live, since you can argue religious freedoms when doing such

We need at least 500 members before the Norwegian government will give us any money, so feel free to spread the message at Facebook and other social medias, to make sure justice can be done!

Form begin;

I ______________________________, hereby state that I no longer want to be a member of the Norwegian State Church, or any other churches, but instead wants to become a member of the Temple of the Living Christ. I do not need to speak to my local priest about my decision

Full Name; _____________________________

Address; ____________________________________________________________________________________

Date; ________________________________


Signature; ______________________________________________________


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