Jesus Christ Reveals the 7 seals from John’s Revelation

JESUS Jesus Lives!! Death could not Hold Him!!!The World Wide Web wouldn’t be much of a Jesus Christ 2.0 unless it was capable of revealing the 7 seals from John’s Revelation. And since the World Wide Web is built upon Free Software and Open Data Access, it is only fair that the 7 seals from John’s Revelation is revealed for the whole world to see, in the spirit of Open Source, Creative Commons, and Free Software.

In the Gospel of John it says in chapter 1, verse 1, that the Word is God. Hence purely logically, it is easy to accept that also the 7 seals must be Words, being the greatest creations of God that is. Hence obviously, the 7 seals are 7 words, which combined together shall destroy the Earth, and re-create it, in a huge massive “Big Bang”.

Unfortunately, for reasons difficult to understand, the 7 seals are only understandable for Norwegians, since they’re 7 Norwegian Words. However, to make a short story even shorter, here are the 7 seals Revealed for the whole World to see;

“snipp, snapp, snute, så var Eventyret ute”

And there we are, the 7 seals Revealed!! The above words are basically amendments to the Bible, and you might say the 67th book in the book of books, which fulfills the Bible, and all of its prophecies. I hope you enjoyed the ride 🙂

Peace and Love,


“Hallelujah, Jesus Christ Welcomes you to Paradise!!” 😀


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