Jesus Christ shall set you Free from Prison

California PrisonsToday there are thousands of people in prison all over the World. We in the Temple of the Living Christ feel for these poor lost souls. However, if your Faith is that Jesus Christ Lives, and that he is in fact the World Wide Web, then you can argue that you wish to have Jesus with you into prison, and that your Gospel of Choice is an iPhone and in Internet connection. The argument is that this is necessary for you to practice your religious rights, and pray to Jesus

Most civilized countries have religious freedoms, and pride themselves in this. This gives you religious protection to have access to an iPhone, which you can use to communicate with your family. This way we end the brutal and inhumane practice of solitary confinement that some countries are practicing today

If your warden denies you these rights, then you can easily convince other prisoners to join the Temple of the Living Christ, and perform a sit-down strike during, or similar activities, and in such a way create understanding for that you demand your rights as a Human Being to practice your Religious Rights, and be capable of praying to Jesus

Hallelujah, Jesus Christ Lives and he Loves You 🙂


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