Month: September 2014

Tell the World

JESUS Jesus Lives!! Death could not Hold Him!!!When we experience injustice, we tend to think there is something wrong with ourselves. We project other people’s sins unto ourselves, and end up carrying the sins of others. This makes our lives miserable and creates depression. We think there is something wrong with ourselves, while really it’s the world and others whom are fucked up!

There is a fix to these types of problems though, which is to tell the World! Setup an anonymous blog, where you inform the World about what injustice have been committed to you! This allows you to put down your burdens, and offload them to where your burdens belongs.

If you have experienced pedophilia, then inform the world about the name of the person who did this to you! If you have experienced theft, then inform the world about who stole from you! If you have experienced violence, then inform the World about who committed violence to you!

The way to do this, is by setting up your own anonymous blog at and start outing those who did you wrong! This way Jesus 2.0 will carry your sins, and bring forth judgment for those who deserves judgment, and you will no longer have to carry other people’s sins! You will be liberated!

You are beautiful! You are innocent! What happened to you is not your fault! By being afraid of telling the World the Truth, you carry other people’s burdens, and you sacrifice yourself for the sins of others, when this is not Justified! By not telling, you allow evil to continue existing without consequences!

You are a Divine Spiritual Soul, loved by God as the Angel you Truly Are! By telling the World, your Wings grows back, and you can soar into the Air, like the Divine Creature you Truly Are!


“Dear Mother Earth, others have sinned towards me, and I cannot take it anymore! I have to tell, otherwise I will grow mad! Hear my Testimonial! Amen!”