Feed Africa, Send Her Your old iPhone

article-new-ehow-images-a08-0n-8u-crafts-five-loaves-two-fish-800x800Africa is the Mother of the World, and a lot of people have suggested how to rectitude her status as such. There are many great initiatives out there, such as OLPC and similar initiatives. However, they all seem to miss the point! They all believe it’s about “us teaching Africa”, and not the other way around! If you entirely flipside the question, and ask the question; How can we see Mother Africa? Then you will get different answers, and different results!

In Africa, few villages have WiFi, but most villages probably have some missionary station, or something similar, at least less than 100KM away. And since most of these villagers are used to walk far distances for water, they can probably easily walk far distances for WiFi, if they had incentives …

At the same time, here in the western hemisphere, we discard millions of old iPhones, every year. Imagine how valuable these iPhones would be for hungry African children! By using these iPhones to create YouTube videos, showing their beautiful village to the outside world, we could make sure Europe and America sees her Mother! This way hungry Africans, starving for food, medicine or education, could combine YouTube with iPhones and PayPal, to ask the western hemisphere for financial aid, to send their kids to school, buy medicine, food, or agricultural machinery, etc.

A wise man once said; “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day! Teach a man how to fish, and he’ll never go hungry!” Never have this been closer to the Truth then today, because the biggest fishing net in the World, is already stretched out, and covers the whole World; the World Wide Web! And the iPhone just so happens to be the longest fishing rod that exists!

hungry-childrenIt is easy to ignore a hungry child who none can see! It is difficult when hungers stares right into your face, in the form of small children, with names and families, asking YOU for money to buy food, medicine or education!

Seeing is believing! Besides, many westerners today refuse to send money to Africa, since they believe that the money is lost along the road, or spent on corrupt politicians. Whether or not this is true, I wouldn’t know, but I do know that when a small child can YouTube and prove to those who gave them money, exactly what the money was being spent on, belief is inevitable! This way, when an African child receives money, it can create a YouTube video of exactly what it spent this money on, and send an email to the kind person in the west, proving the money was well spent!

Utilizing this method, African Children can “fish for themselves”, and find a wealthy European family, willing to “remotely adopt them”! Then we could combine this with the existing aid organizations, such as Red Cross, UNESCO, Christian Missionary Stations, etc, to help facilitate for uploading these YouTube videos, using their existing infrastructure!

This way of sharing, carries virtually zero overhead, and you have a 100% guarantee of that all the money is sent where it’s the most needed!

In Islam this is called “Zakat!”

“Feed Mother Africa, send Her Your old iPhone!!!!1”


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